Fire Ants

Fire ants are becoming more of a problem every year, so much so that certain products are regulated before being exported from quarantined fire ant areas. Fire ant colonies can range in size from 1000 and up to 10,000. It may take several months for a colony to reproduce enough to produce a mound. Therefore, for every large mound there are usually several younger colonies too small to produce a visible mound. They can be a nuisance and harm pets, children, or yourself. There are many types of application methods that can control fire ants. We prefer a treatment for the entire lawn, including the landscape beds, and this is the best method for control. This application is a granular product applied January-February, or any time of the year, that will control fire ants for up to a year. The active ingredient is absorbed in the soil, and as fire ants build a mound it will kill them. This will prevent and kill any fire ants that come on your property.