Seeding and Aeration


Since fescue is a cool season turf, the summers take a toll on the health of the lawn. It is best to aerate and over seed your lawn from September-October. We will core aerate to relieve compaction and provide holes for the new seed to grow. Since fescue does not spread like other grasses, you must over seed to improve the thickness and recover from the hot summer. Creating a thicker lawn will also help choke out weeds. We will also apply a starter fertilizer to get your lawn off to a great start at this time.

Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede

Aeration is beneficial for allowing your lawn to breath. This will relieve compaction in heavy traffic areas while also allowing water and nutrients to reach the root zone. By pulling small cores of soil this will help the roots grow and spread, thus creating a turf that will better withstand heat and drought. You will also notice that your turf may thicken up after aeration. Many times, the small cores act as plugs and will root up themselves. The best time to aerate warm season turf is while it is actively growing. In our area this can be done May-August.